M.O.D. I Executioner Lyrics

Artist: M.O.D.
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Album: Track 3 on U.S.A. for M.O.D.

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I executioner
There's just me
You can't buy justice
And it sure ain't free
I executioner
Like Sargeant 'D'
I'm corporal punishment
I weed out the weak

I excecutioner
One on one
You and me
You've no place to run
I executioner
We got a date
My fist your face

How I love to hate

There's no justice
There's me
There's no justice
There's me

I executioner
You dare fuck with me
Say it to my face
Either way you'll bleed

I executioner
The king of schism
Misery and pain
Is what you'll live in
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