New Jack City Lyrics


publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Christopher E Martin, Jamal Gerard Grinnage, Eric Murry
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This is ghetto warfare, heavy metal warfare.
Prepare, get on your post and stand clear.
If you start it, defend it, start it, we'll end it.
We're highly recommended, listen, this is
Ghetto warfare, heavy metal warfare.
Prepare, get on your post and stand clear.
The Brownsville sluggers, about to attack...

Bring it back, yo I'm tired of you herbs
Gettin' on my nerves,
Pretendin' to be drug dealers, and killers.
You fold up, hold up, let me ease the grip
So they can jack talkin' 'bout how many keys you flip.
Your sleeves get ripped off for that bracelet you rockin'.
This lil' ***** get to poppin', pistol grippin' and cockin'.
[Cuz nine times outta ten] I'm guaranteed to leave you stragglin'
Plus I bag emcees that's babblin'
I ain't tryin' to hear ya,
But I'm about ready to ear ya out,
Get the gats and clear ya out
'cause you's a part-time felon, kid killing yellin'.
[Before I send a slug through your melon]
I'm a basket case, don't make me bash your face.
[You sittin'] I'm sittin on chrome, like Masta Ace.
It's live *****, no jive, hear the guns blast.
I be wreckin' like the ****in' Jamaicans at Sun Splash.
[It ain't where you from] It's where ya at
And where you be at times, you don't have your ****in' gat.
So chill with your riff raff, your ***** staff
Is some new cats, living in NEW JACK CITY!!


Yo what the **** is the deal? Here comes a new generation of rap dudes,
[With fake attitudes] That refuse to play by the rules.
It's a shame the way they be dissin' the game.
They fantasize, then go to something I would tell lies.
[These fake thugs] Replace slugs that's have three to *****.
[Actin' like he want it] No one want to see my *****s
[Firing Squad] Still firing, ****in' wit old timers;
Wit rhymers ready to come out of retirement.
Stoppin your traffic, a classic,
Puttin' you ***** *** *****s in caskets [you lil' bastards]
Don't know this rap ****, get this:
My family is ready to lynch, and roll before all you devils and sins.
[Raw breed] Indeed, we proceed to give you what you need,
You way out of your **********ing league.
It's the, warpath, O.G. staff;
Ambidextrous and I'll tear your maggot *** in half.
My family don't give a **** about you.
How 'bout I, jump up and smack the **** out you?
[Get at 'em] Took you down the Firing Squad committee,
Wit' no pity, detonating this NEW JACK CITY!!

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