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Album: Track 7 on The Rebel You Love to Hate
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you stare and hold your breath as the sleeping giant awakes
wondering what you got yourself into
gonna drown in our military wake
got a few tomahawk cruise missiles on the way
better kick your donkey into high gear
cause you're gonna go meet Allah today

so pile up the sand around the caves where you hide
here's a little more TNT to lift your spirits high
you wanna go to paradise?
we'll send you on your way
a world stands united - UNITED
and ready to de-liver your fate

so you think it's HOT in the desert where you make your stand?
gonna turn that desert into glass when we NUKE Ass-Ghanistan
some fucking Jihad
you said the blood will flow like a river
but what you didn't tell us is the blood is yours
from the ass-kicking that we delivered

so pile up the sand ............

we'll show you the real meaning of faith
your asses we will o-blit-ter-rate
and watch your camels d-cint-ter-grate

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