M.O.P. I Luv (feat. Freddie Foxxx) Lyrics

Artist: M.O.P.
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featuring Freddie Foxxx


Chorus: Freddie Foxxx

What's mine's I love and I fight push to shove

?Hand to hand? but you can't stop the love

You push to impress and I leave you with less

It's real love for the mics that I bless no quest'


[Lil' Fame]

Can't stop the love! I know you sayin I'ma young *****

Don't get it ****ed up cause I move with them thug *****s

From old ? to life we straight sparkin light

Bring light to the darkest nights

(M) Blast (O) Blast, P in your area

Make a move and them cats might bury ya

Now that your trapped and your ****in with thugs

Let me tell your punk *** what I love

I love to see ************s, that show no love

And start speakin out like a ***** when you catch em in the club

I love, when a slug cat shut down

And then try to post up when they damn near cut his *** down

I love, trying to reach all parts of the map

On a Ninja, with a big Buddha ***** on a back

I love, cats that rap and still drip checks

Like your man Lil' Fame, Bill Danze and triple X


[Billy Danze]

Aiyyo, you know what I love (What's that?)

It's when ************s assume

That they *** can't get popped at 12 o'clock in the afternoon

I got the balls to come through your walls, like (Boooom!)

Have an orgasm every time I clear the ****in room

(*****s is gone) Nah, not just yet

I need to see you son of a *****es sweat

(I love) What I got, son, my **** is prop', son

With Prem' in the drivin seat and Freddie Foxxx ridin shotgun

(Stop son!) Here is the ultimate

Somethin I love is when thugs be bumpin my ****

(I love) *****s with heat, (I love) *****s that's deep

*****s that regulate the streets (sho' nuff)

Mic blessin, Smith and Wessun caressin

(First Family) With the Desert Storm impression

The lesson: I advise if your not ready to ride

on the homicide side, ***** slide


[Freddie Foxxx]

I love beats that are hardcore, dirty and raw

I love takin *****s burners when they scared to draw

I love plottin on my enemies, I love to attack

I love beatin *****s down when they rhymes is whack

I love seeing emcees struggle to make

themselves something that us real *****s love to hate

It's too late, I love my Ninas and I love my ?fours?

Blowin holes through the project doors in ?knife wars?, *****

I love the feeling, and the rush that I get

From ?Sam? run the Rolex watch with the diamond begets

I love, how my life was intact without a deal

How I kept the newest chromes on my automobile

I love the fact that rappers make the dough, without a flow

Soft *****s, that I stain, like piss in the snow

I love the fact that I survived through the roughest of times

And break the mic when I want, with the roughest of rhymes

Its a luxury to see me emcee

Its so hard, this lyrical brutality, feed's a *****'s mentality

I love, when you *****s claim to be great

knowin your mob ain't never lettin ****, what the **** is this?

*****s bustin shots on New York, I get my vest on

Twenty rhyme clips in my mic, I get my bless on

Loan soldier standin on the front line, I fear none

Excuses that you give me for your lyrics, I hear none

You niggs ain't no real emcee's

You Sam Goody *** *****s can't write without suckin down trees

So I love, laughin at you *****s, while you clappin at me

I split your head shot from your man, while he's slappin at me

I feel the hits from your rounds

Your hollowpoints make a ***** wobble, but I won't fall down


[Lil' Fame]

Yeah, you ************s see it, come on!


[Freddie Foxxx]

Aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo, for all them sucka *** *****s that don't know, when

I crawl up out the whole, and I got M.O.P. with me, baby, ain't nowhere

you can run (to the life) ain't nowhere you can hide. With hot slugs at

both sides. Split your back open wide. *****s from the East Side
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