M.O.P. - Salute Lyrics

Writer(s) : J. GRINNAGE / E. MURRY / C. MARTIN
Artist: M.O.P. Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Firing Squad
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Uhh, uhh...
Uhh, uhh...
M.O.P. in the house, kid.
BLAU! You know what I'm sayin? Check this out.
Lil Fame's a trigga *****.
Billy Danze a trigga *****.
Aight? Keepin' it real.
Brownsville, still *****.

Lil Fame, a young *** ***** wit' talent;
Thug that move silent, but still remain violent.
The Brownsville slugger take the M-1 it's truth.
General of this hit game, clak, clak, salute.

Billy Danze, index finger exerciser,
Bell ringer, gun slinger, survivor.
Raise your right and I'll blaze the living proof;
The godfather to truth, clak, clak, salute.

Since we came here we got to show and prove
The M.O.P. is rugged, never smooth.
We tearin' this **** down, just like construction.
Flip like kilos, with this Primo production.

No doubt, hit 'em wit' that hilltop flavor.
Hardcore *****s on your doorstep neighbor.
And this year, here, *****s can't compare.
Spectators, haters, 'cause we're ****in with Premier.

Fillin' 'em up wit' raps, in fact they can't get wit'
A code red; the dope ****, got you *****s addicted.
Mr. Danzenie and the Fame stayin' true to this game.
Since you nice was that hip hop gangsta.
M.O.P. guaranteed to keep bringin' this dopeness
For the real thugs and ghetto *****s slingin' toasters.
On all coastses, north to south, east to west;
Got high clientele for **** you least expect.

M.O.P. from the hill kid, what you tryin' to tell me?
Still grippin mo' steel, a machine gun deli.
I mention, and flinching, and waitin' for you to duck the gate,
And sellin' **** that I won't tolerate.
WSUP?! My whole team's in the house.
The gat is 1-5-4-5, not four 5's in your ****ing mouth.
Same ones, burner on blaze.
**** a memory, y'all remember me for bustin' my thang...

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