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Album: Track 11 on Shades of Purple
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Sitting on the bus

Looking through the window

And I close my eyes

I see the shade of your smiling face

Your smiling face

When you walk in through the door

Smiling face

Like I've never seen before


Standing in the rain

Nearly washed the day away

Then I think of you

I know the sight of your smiling face

Your smiling face

And it's always here with me

Smiling face

Well I wonder could it be


I still know

That I'm never gonna find you

But I do believe

That you're standing right behind

Will I ever get

The answer to my question

Life will go on, on


Lying on my bed

Staring at the ceiling

Then I close my eyes again

The only thing that's clear to me

Is your smiling face

Maybe I should wake again

Smiling face

Maybe I should let it end


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