Mac Dre - Can You Shout Lyrics

Artist: Mac Dre Lyrics
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Album: Track 14 on Al Boo Boo
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can you shout?
let me hear you scream
we some fiends
for cream and stinky green
we don't like broke bitches
we don't like brown weed
we don't like no snitches
take the police on highspeeds
police, man, got me on the run
knowin damn well that i'm not the one
everywhere i go i gotta take my gun
everybody know that i'm they bro
and i'm just tryin to have some fun
can you dig it
put the guns in the trunk, come listen to some slump
you neva know, cutty you might bump
a silver dollar tried to holla
put you in a bens get you out that impala
pop ya colla, naw that's old
dust yaself off like base's been sold
i'm so cold, i'm so cool
call me morris dre, the cut throat fool
Thanks to thudord

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