Mac Dre Gift 2 Gab Lyrics

Artist: Mac Dre
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Nick Nack Patty Wack, D O's and doggys
Listen to the bass line, don't it sound funky
Who Could it be in the place to stay
That's right ho, Mac muthaphuckin Dre
One more time back I your ear
Those dope ass raps you luv to hear
Cold as ice, nuthin nice
If I thrus u once I want thrus u twice
That's right and you no the deal
You don't want the baby ho take the pill
Cause I'm a bust falis, back to back
And when I get tired, I'm a take a nap
And when I wake up, I'm goin bath some more
Itz the same ruteen until itz time to go
You watz in my draws
Until I get the suga walls
Oh! you didn't no bout me
The A the N the D the R the E
Well peep game, it goes like this
I hold my mic tight like my dick when I piss
And when it comes cock girl I won't
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