Mac Murda, Murda, Kill, Kill Lyrics

Artist: Mac
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Soldier rag on my eye
soldier fit on my frame
I screa war I come through making that Mac and lovin sound
if I die in battle tell myfolks I wasn't no joke when I blasted
rap me up in camouflage
and put that tank on my casket
that nigga was hiphop that nigga was gansta that nigga was tall that nigga was slim that nigga was shell shocked you wouldn't wan' fuck wit him I hung wit soldiers I hung wit G's I hung wit thugs I hung wit them niggas who probably wanted to murda me but fuck'em I cross my heart and pull the trigga dear lord if I die let me see the eyes of my killa so I can hunt that nigga poppashot me through the rubber he knew that I would be a young bad muthafucka
(chorus) When I murda murda murda murda kill kill kill kill shits real on the battlefield screamin murda murda murda murda kill kill kill kill
I said I'm sick and tired of telling you niggas I'm not that nigga to play wit they thinking that they can tell me whatever they want I aint gon' say shit I guess I'm suppose to letting you call me bitches and hoes to my face just look at at cha' let you fuck over me ignore then go by my way cut it out better stop that 'less you got that feelin now however wherever whenever you ready I'm that nigga he said fuck no
the next thing you heard was ah ooh ouch that was me whoopin the fuck out that bitch in the waffl house look at you now I'm warning you niggas whereever you fuck up right there I'm shutting you down I'm telling if we don't know you gone come round that tank that no limit gon' clown I'll fuck ova ya ass wall as big as godzilla her lizard lizard lizard and I'm coming to get ya when I catch ya you can betcha that blood gon spill soldier murda murda murda kill kill kill
(2x)murda murda murda murda kill kill kill kill shits real on the battlefield
I was born ah
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