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Artist: Machinae Supremacy Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Deus Ex Machinae
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A misfit to this space
no religion no real place
I grow weary of these walls
so tired of it all

Dull gray and endless days
here where evil has no face
It is hidden from my eyes
unseen or in disguise

Welcome to a world
where you always get the girl
You may lose a fight or two
but you'll win if you get through

Face up and challenge all
you ever knew since you could crawl
Always looking somewhere else
when it's all inside yourself

I wanna play until I die
don't wanna lose my reasons why
I race towards the sky
in a world that never ends

I keep coming back for more
coming back until I score
always stronger than before
in a world that never ends

now I feel like that again!

Tomorrow I will be here,
and I won't be the only one.
Our dreams will always adhere
to a world beyond this one

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