Hoo-Bangin' Lyrics

Mack 10

publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: O'Shea Jackson, William Calhoun, Darrell (p/k/a K-Dee) Johnson, Dedrick Rolison
album: Track 10 in album Mack 10 Foe Life: The Best of Mack 10
release date: 2007-12-4
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length: 3:33

Cover Art

Mack 10 Mack 10 Foe Life: The Best of Mack 10 cover art
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You are now rockin' with the west
We don't **** with the stress
Westside connect-Gangin', hoo-bangin'
And we got thousands, so **** what you claimin'

Who want to scrap with a ***** that bang
Straight mass murderin' on 24 tracks
I put it down like a hog, I got what you need
I'm from the West Coast the bad seed with the bomb weed
Hollow points is my venom
I bust rapid as the beat, flamin' hot when I send em
And them *****z out of bounds better duck when I come around
Movin' the crowd with a tech layin' *****z down
You say **** my whole crew claimin' true
Some *****z damn u and *****z wear blue
Penitentiary listen to the pronunciation of
Penitentiary, penitentary bound, smokin' weed by the pound as I clown
Sendin' work out of town on the greyhound

Mack 10 is the lick, Westside is the click
Can't get enough of this gangsta ****

We got bulletproof vests and 96 ???
Leavin' fly *****es in Donna Karen dresses
With a neck full of hickeys, situation lookin' tricky
20,000 in my pocket and I'm still sportin' dickies
**** that, connect life, let me make it plain and simple
You say you roll deep you gonna get busted like a pimple
Till my very last breath, I'ma Inglewood swang
So tell me do you bang, fool, what set you claim?
'Cause *****z like you can't win with Mack 10
So let the games begin, I'll leave you black again
'Cause on a homicide I ride to the fullest, not just a little
'Cause its four fingers up and two twisted in the middle

[Chorus:Repeat 2X]

I'm on the hunt for the loot, watch your pockets cause I pat em
Bailin' through the hood in Chucks and Stacey Adams
Got the spot still poppin', got your legs still rockin'
Ever since foe life, my ex ***** been jockin'
I can't fade no hos, And this is one of those
That I iron on my clothes, and shine my romeos
Be the best friend to me, get a little Hennessey
Always down to Scwab when I blast on my enemy
A ***** that's the leader of the hoo bang committee
With a 100% Mack 10 on her tittie
Lookin pretty as a bangin' if you want to hoo bang
Throw your neighborhood up like it ain't no thang

[Chorus:Repeat 4X]

Yeah, gun ho mack 1-0
Straight stompin' and chicken hawkin'
Inglewood swangin, dope slangin
And Hoo-Bangin' Comin' from the...

{*repeats till end of song*}

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