Mad Caddies - No Hope Lyrics

Writer(s) : Hayward-Young, Justin James / Hjorvar, Arni / Robertson, Peter / Cowan, Frederick
Artist: Mad Caddies Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Duck and Cover
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Take a bottle, you drink it down
Your eyes are burning red
You're gonna end up in the ground
Now you're fallen

You can't hold on
You got no hope
You're ****ing on dope
Your dreams are all but gone

You do not seem to care
It makes no sense to me
Everytime you try to take a look
You still can't see

The you've monster you've become
The ****ed up things you've done

You've done neurotic paranoia
Are you having fun?
You ain't going nowhere
You got nowhere

You ain't got no chance to see
There's no way home
(You're gonna hear me?)

I know it's hard to live that way
I know it's hard to break the daily chain
It's in you head psychosomatic
Wake up one day you're an addict

You ain't going nowhere
You got no chance to see
There's no way home

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