Mad Sin - Bloody Monday Lyrics

Artist: Mad Sin Lyrics
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Album: Track 15 on Survival of the Sickest
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Power! To make the world grovel at my feet! YEAH!

it's monday morning get out of the bed
a teenager in hate with voices in his head
daddy is off to work and mom cleans the floor
(we're calling you)
hurry up you lazy fuck you gotta be in time
you gotta catch the school bus and the devil's on your mind
there are voices all around and the sky turns black
(we're calling you)

dance with the devil in the bullet rain
dance with the devil and with the demons in your brain
you make the headlines of the day
they call you insane

they gonna get down they got to get down
redemption is here make them turn into stone
the time stands still while you shoot your last goodbye
(we're calling you)


even the moon is frightened of me frightened to death
the whole world is frightened to death!!!

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