Madness - Close Escape Lyrics

Writer(s) : Foreman, Christopher / Thompson, Lee
Artist: Madness Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Absolutely
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That was a close escape, have to get a new hobby to relate.
Something less conspicuous, won`t take up too much time,
Something less energetic, for what I`ve got in mind.
I won`t be too persistent `cos I`m not that way inclined.
See, that`s the one for me. Look under "Collins" see if she`s free.
Sweaty fingers find 5p 4151683
"Hello Miss Collins you`ll not know me. I`m in the undies
Business, see? Please please can you tell me the size; how
Far from the knee?"

Oh dear dear, me luck is running thin.
I`ll take another name I might have a win.
What? 2 more points? I hope no one fills it in.

See, that`s the one for me. Look under "Dickens" CFG.
See if she`ll speak to me. Hand`s get shakey eye`s can`t see.
Having trouble find 5p 2171983
"Hello Miss Dickens you`ll not know me, I`m in the undies
Business, see?"

Feel more relaxed now here we go again.
Hoi! No temporaries I`ve heard most take me in.

Oh dear dear me, that is the one it fits.
So please please can you tell me the textured fit feels good to me.
In the naked mood, try to grin and bear with me.
Please don`t think me rude, I only hear don`t want to see.

See, that`s the one for me. That was quick, too quick for me.
Of that I can see, wash me laundry oh bugger me!
Sugar or milk with your tea? No I couldn`t, well I`ll see.
What`s your hobby? Just the same as me, see you soon for tea.

I`ll give it one last chance I think you`ll all agree.
I`m getting nowhere here, on my last 5p.
I`m sick of waiting for ages nothing interests me.
I`ll ring another number, make sure it`s a she.
Here we go again, I`ll give it 3rd degree.
No hard feelings oh yes I`m sure you`ll all agree.
I`ll take another name I might have a win.

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