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Album: Track 11 on Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da
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It was the death of a rude roy
It was the death of a rude roy

He had a certain way with women
He was natty and the man had rythmn
He was known in all kinds of places
He was wicked with names and faces
He was a lover through and through
The man always made time for you
He had his own kind of flavour
He walked like a stepping razor
Man could drop a killer move
Never failed to bust a groove
He always keep a cool, cool head
Hear me when I tell you dread
Hear me when I say this friend
This man was a rude boy

It was the death of a rude roy

He told me when you feel you want to run
You have to learn to stand and fight
He told me son when all is said and done
You must stand up for what is right
Stay on the side of conscious
Make sure you live in light
Don't go down, don't fool around
Hold your ground
Don't be proud
Make sure that love is in your life

It was the death of a rude roy

They say that when he was young
Of course he was crazy
He went in all guns blazing
They say he was tasty
He had an attitude that all agreed was amazing
Nothing ever shook him up
Nor did it faze him
The man was constant training and maintaining
He focused hard on internal strength and not hating
He overcame all that did pain him
Turned his cheek on all who had hazed him
No illusion no confusion no complaining

It was the death of a rude boy

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