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Album: Track 6 on Singularity
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Once alone and too afraid of strangers knocking on my door and
Well you came in I knew you'd win
I was sitting on the front porch swinging
And waiting

I tried walking with you in mind
But looking down saw my feet were tied
Got to thinking that how easy it could be
But then the fear and the chains became a part of me
And waiting

Always waiting
For my ride to pick me up on my time
Seems I'm staying
As the others cross the finish lines
I could break into day I could set into speed
But to tell you the truth I'm always waiting
Always waiting

Caged in like the beautiful view
And I was waiting for the night when I could soar with you
But when you picked me up released me to fly
I found I couldn't hold my own wings dry
And waiting


Don't want to fly


Always we must find our ways
All I could do was drive away

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