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I believe all that I read now
Night has come off the corners
Shadows flicker sweet and tame
Dancing like crazy mourners

The man with the hotdog sells lemonade
Someone over there needs first aid
While me and the rest of the world
Await the touch of the motorcade

No one finds time to turn a blind eye
You can't be too careful nowadays
And my friend says "Listen...
To the stupid things they're making you say"

Here comes the motorcade
Moving so slow and hard
Like a snake in a closet
Holding the sway in the boulevard

Here is your man
All faces turn unanimously
The small fry who sizzle in his veins
In all security

In the back of his car
Into the null and void he shoots
The man at the centre of the motorcade
Has learnt to tie his boots

In the back of his car
In the null and void he sees
The man at the centre of the motorcade
Can choose between coffee and tea
In the boulevard - the motorcade holds sway

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