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Album: Track 2 on Magic, Murder and the Weather
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In this world of carelessness
There is delight, there is distress
A wilderness of mortal calm
Sometimes ease, sometimes alarm

Lead me to a new world of comfort
Lead me to a new world of comfort

Leave now quick, before you`re missed
You can use the service lift
The neighbors`re out on the morning shift
There needn't be the slightest risk

You know, we`re lucky to be so important
You know, we`re lucky it turned out that way
We are so lucky

In this world of carelessness...
There is delight, there is distress
We`re never safe, that`s for sure
The lucky shot through the open door

Lead me...
So take your life in your hands and go
Don`t tell me where, I`d better not know
If I need to get in touch one day
I will employ the C.I.A.

Our love will equal the five year plan
Like the harvest we`ll cover the land
We are so lucky

Lead me...

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