Mandragora Scream - Starquake Lyrics

Artist: Mandragora Scream Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Fairy Tales From Hell's Caves
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In a savourin' senses' worns/in the land of the Night Shades/you can change my desires/with np life to nowhere/in my dark waitin' hell/in the land of the starquake.../you can make all the Spekks,,,,/to reach your Lightin' Tales/now I'm walkin' across/through the river of passion.../ravin' down in your head/your prayers/Down, now I'm fallin' in your mind.../callin', callin' visions in your head,/it's so hard to be strong/and standin' in your place again.../call your faith...!/callin', callin' visions in your mind/It's so hard to be strong/callin'.../callin'...

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