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1st verse
From the grave comes the storm
Fire and ice, and battle horns.
Through the night a dark star burns,
Titans fight, the King returns.
Demon eyes spread fear and pain
Throughout the minds of those too sane
To realize this is no game,
Drinking the lies in Heaven's name.
Spear of tin, forged by Muse
Majik mound of Crom.
Some they learn, some they burn
In the wake of Metalstrom.
2nd verse
From the veils blows the storm.
Lightning strikes from the sword.
Warriors ride upon the wind.
All Hallows Night, the hunt begins.
Lord of Flies doth spread the plague
Throughout the lives of those to blame.
For all the lies in Heaven's name
The Lords of Light shall rise again.
Holy Grail, Silver sails,
Court of Avalon.
Some they learn, some they burn
In the wake of Metalstrom.

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