Mannie Fresh Chubby Boy Lyrics

Artist: Mannie Fresh
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 3:58

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Yeah yeah yeah....

I got 'em sayin

[Chorus] x2
Go chubby boy, make the block hot
Go chubby boy, make her ***** pop

[Verse 1]
I'm the reason why them *****z cookin all of that crack
I'm the reason why that ***** gotta gun in yo back
I'm the season, why, pimpin gotta step out fly
When you do it how you do it, don't you do it so tight
Cause I told you, set you down, hold you
2 million, 3 million, 4 million showed you
Crackin gator boots, platinumized boots
Dr. Pepper can colored turbo coupes [Skert]
Homie pimpin' is alive and it's doin so well
Homie pimpin' puttin big long **** in ya gal
Still Chevrolet doors, mink on the floors
And the bank account ***** filled wit so many o's
Nobody rush me off, ***** dust me off
I'm a **********ing pimp playa trust me dawg
Jam hoes in lambo's outside of the club
Than step up in that thing and tell them *****z what's up

[Chorus] x4
Go chubby boy, make the block hot
Go chubby boy, make her ***** pop

[Verse 2]
I got a brand new benz and it's heiniken green
In the front license plate read ***** machine
The most beautifulest thing shorty you've ever seen
Pimpin sew it where you show it ***** fresh and so clean
I'm the reason why young *****z up they game
Plenty many bad *****es say they glad I came
I'm a legend in the bricks, playa check it fa real
Downtown mean mug ***** hard ta kill
Shorty shinnin ain't nuttin but a lil bitty thang
Three-hundred sixty-five diamonds beamin up in the ring
I'm the man girlfriend, got more money than them
Lea, Paul, Lil Carl and that ***** wit them
Oh so called "D" boy, stunnin fu gazy
In the hood say your lil girl look like baby
I'm the reason why *****z gotta get up and get it
Right white one's playa wit the shirt and the fittie

[Chorus] x4
Go chubby boy, make the block hot
Go chubby boy, make her ***** pop

[Verse 3]
When I come through your city they go who is that
Young fella pimpin yella in a yellow Maybach
***** I came to show my chain, hardcore to the bling
Playa let's go inside where the *****es at [ruff]
Let me see it, ***** *****, couldn't be it
If ya get it like ya say ya get it, ***** 10 a ki it
Cut the whole cake down, flood out the town
Service cocaine, rogaine, x and that brown
Buy the new 7 playa, push on them hatas
Step out witcha left out, homie steppin in gators
I ain't reppin crystal that's a bunch of bullshit
y'all ain't give a ***** nuttin', suck a *****z ****
Than I open up my coat let her see what I tote
If a ***** feelin frog than it's murder she wrote
Hotter than Maimi in the month of July
Got your girl **** ridin', chubby boy still fly

[Chorus] x4
Go chubby boy, make the block hot
Go chubby boy, make her ***** pop