Marc Anthony - Tragedy Lyrics

Writer(s) : Thomas, Rob / Rooney, Cori
Artist: Marc Anthony Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Mended
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Time after time
You turn on what I thought was good
And leave me behind
You should have loved me like you know that you could

But oh, no this won't be no hard goodbye
Oh, no you can't hurt me this time

She doesn't love, on my lord
It doesn't mean it's a tragedy, tragedy
She doesn't mean it, say that she don't
This doesn't have to be a tragedy, tragedy

All of my life
I was searching for the love that we had
Without knowing why
You turned around and treat me so bad

But oh, no I'll just hold my tears inside
oh, no maybe you'll find another lover who will cry


On the phone for hours
But we had very little conversation
We spoke of words with no meaning
We spoke of love with no end
I'll tell myself again


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