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Artist: Maren Ord Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Waiting
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She drives herself through the streets
Watching eyes so blindly
Taking pictures
She can't see or show

On her mind is
Who to meet
Cautioning too kindly
Wondering is she'll ever have
Or need to know

Sarah doesn't care anymore
What they talk about
At the back door
They say she can't hold her own
And her Mama's never home
Sarah doesn't care anymore
What they talk about
At the back door
You wonder why she feels so alone
How could a young girl feel so old.
You know
Sarah doesn't care anymore
You know what they say
At the back door
But it's not that way

Sarah walks along silently
On her own
Keeping to herself
Talks to no one else
And cares not for anyone
Sealing those pictures of the past
How time's flown so fast


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