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Album: Track 12 on Go
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[Verse 1]
What have I missed,
Living like this?
Who'd think I'd get this far,
Fancy house and my fancy car
Why you living like this?
Together as kids,
You were my best of friend,
All the trouble you got up in

See I been deaf, and I been scared,
I been discriminated against and compared,
To you whose my brother, thanks to you I discovered
There's only one way to go in life and that's be right

There's only one way to do right, right, right, right,
There's only one way to do right, right, right, right,
See me, I ain't always done right, right, right, right,
That's why I'm here to help you fight, fight, to do right

[Verse 2]
You were the queen in my future,
I was the one you was used to,
It was like we were one,
Up under the sun
And narcotics in your system,
The love I should have unlisted,
Now look what we've become,
But I shouldn't judge



[Verse 3]
Cause in life there are decisions to make but it's your choice,
But I chose to walk away, rather than wildin' out, and get locked away
See my friends all chose the fast money, but I chose my father
Cause I knew he'd come for me and recover me, already dead
See what I'm trying to say, is I'm trying to be the best man I can be
And when I see you too, struggling to do the best you can do
You may run into a rock, but you can't let it stop what's planned for you,
So make the right choice

[Chorus x2]

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