Mario - Why Lyrics

Writer(s) : Barrett, Richard / Levy, Morris
Artist: Mario Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Go
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[Verse 1]
What is going on
Every time I try to talk
You screamin' baby
(Cover your mouth
Tellin' our business, I got weakness)
I cant be wrong
Cause I gave you my heart
And you played me
(Accusing me of doing things that I would never do to you)
You say I see other girls
You say you trippin' cause I
Wouldn't be the one to be found out
Because I'm not that kind of guy
Never wanted somebody else
Then not said goodbye
Been trying to work it out
Girl tell me...

Why (Why)
Why do you keep putting me through it ba-by
You tell me you don't wanna go through it ba-by
Can't believe in all the lies that you heard about me
I cant take it no
You thinkin' that I'm doing you dirty ba-by
You better understand not to wild again
But if I'm no good for you
Then baby I'm no good for you
So tell me why are you still here

[Verse 2]
Every night that I come home and your laying in bed
(All I wanna do is make love to you)
But now I got reservations
Because you actin' strange
(You been going through my Sidekick, Blackberry, and my iPhone
All that **** ain't cool)
You say you got my number (Number)
That I've been caught, admit it (Admit it)
Say I'm playing dumb, but (Dumb but)

But you think you know, forget it (But baby you)
I maybe young but I ain't stupid baby (Stupid baby)
I not gonna play the fool (Play the fool)
And you should know by now (Now)
That I was all for you


With Me, Oh oh

[Verse 3]
You got so used to the fast life
All of the things I could do for you
Catch you coming back to me (yeah)
Always running back to me
Say I cant do, do this no more
Thought you were better girl
Not like the rest of them girls
Why can't you prove me wrong


Oh, Why are you still here?

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