Mark Lanegan - Morning Glory Wine Lyrics

Writer(s) : LANEGAN, MARK
Artist: Mark Lanegan Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Bubblegum
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On the first time in love
Was electrocution
But I fell out on the down
Blind with injection
Strawberries, wake or naked
Out here you're alone
These streets get very cold, you should know
Yeah and don't I know
Are we gonna be judged
Judged on these lonely deeds
Are we gonna cry, yeah
Are we gonna freeze
Morning glory wine
Good people don't drink it
So I'm alone not thinking, please
How you thrill me love
How you kill me love
Like electrocution
Monday's all that's lost to love
Tuesday shakes and plead
Friday comes and calls your bluff
Sunday's on her knees
It's how you do me love
If you knew me love
There ain't no one to turn to
Cause it's hard when you're on your own
And you lost your way home
Morning glory wine
Good people don't drink it
So on my own not thinking, please
It's how you knew me love
It's how you do me love
Like electrocution
It's like electrocution
Morning glory wine
Good people don't drink it
When you're on you're own
You lost your way home
There ain't nobody baby
Nobody to turn to
I need somebody
Somebody to turn to
Somebody baby
Someone to turn to
Morning high
Morning glory wine
There ain't nobody baby
I need someone to turn to
I need somebody
Wanna get high
I wanna get high
Need somebody to turn to

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