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Everyone has a journey
Filled with hope and adventure
Every journey leads somewhere
I’ll wait for you there

Going over some old ground
Trying not to make a sound
If you ever need someone
I will wait for you here

Somewhere over the mountain
In a cave you will find me
Hanging out with the shadows
I will wait for you here

Everyone has a journey
No one ever goes nowhere
Over water and deserts
When you’re lonely you’re here

Through the battle of order
Into your present order
Over rivers and oceans
I will wait for you there

I will wait for you there

When you know you have made it
I won’t even have noticed
You’re too busy for nothing
I will wait for you here

Every lamb is a lion
Every earth needs a sky up
When you’re tired of searching
I will wait for you here

I will wait for you here

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