Maroon 5 - Losing My Mind Lyrics

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It's so hard to find you
I'm standing right behind you
The streets are much colder
This mean I'm getting older

Why would you? How could I?
These questions lead to goodbye
But now I got my freedom
Don't I?

I parked my car outside your house
Hope that someday you'll come home
Seems the woman that I love
Is someone that I hardly know
And after all this time
I've finally found a way to be alone
I'm terrified, I think that I may be losing my mind

Shy girl, so humble
With eyes that make me stumble
Somehow not speaking lets me know everything
I go out, you eat in
Hide from the situation
You're naked in daylight
Wrap yourself up and goodnight

I'm burning, I'm hungry
Angry 'cause she don't love me
You've got me completely
In my own game, you beat me


I will be back again
No this is not the end
I've fallen hard this time but I not giving in
I want the world to know that I won't let you forget
The tears that you shed
I'll make it impossible to let go

[Chorus: x2]

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