MARSHALL CRENSHAW - 'Til That Moment Lyrics

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Album: Track 9 on Mary Jean & 9 Others
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You've gotta understand
I want to be your only one
'til the last star fades,
'til this wide world is through
'Til that moment I'll belong to you
I'll need you body and soul
Until the blazing sun turns cold
'til the Orlov diamond refuses to shine
'Til that moment baby baby you're mine
Some people love money

Some people are in love with war
But I'm in love with your brown eyes
Yes you are what I'm living for
And I still remember it well:
I saw you standing by a big hotel
Just then the clock on the corner struck five
'Til that moment I was half alive
Then you smiled at me across the crowded avenue
Right away my temperature started to climb
'Til that moment I was marking time
It's true

I'm drawn to you like a moth to a candle flame
But here is something that I've got to know
How come you never call me by my name?
Don't change your mind
I promise I won't change mine
'til the last star fades
'til this wide world is through
'Til that moment I'll belong to you
'til the stars fall from the blue...
'Til that moment I'll belong to you

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