MARSHALL CRENSHAW - There She Goes Again Lyrics

Writer(s) : Crenshaw, Marshall H
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Album: Track 1 on Marshall Crenshaw
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From my window nearly everyday
I see that girl go down the highway
And I think she's trying to catch my eye
Standing alone I see her drive on by
There she goes again with another guy
She was my girl not too long ago
How I lost her I'm not sure I know
But it makes no difference how I try
I get that feeling when she drives on by
There she goes again with another guy

It's a sad situation
But I know just what I ought to do
I'm gonna find someone better
Go have fun little girl I can live without you
I'll be stronger when she's off my mind
I hope she finds what she's been tryin' to find
And as life goes on and time goes by
Will her heart ever be satisfied
There she goes again with another guy

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