Martina McBride - Whatever You Say Lyrics

Writer(s) : MARTIN, TONY / HILL, ED
Artist: Martina McBride Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Evolution
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You think I'm always makin'
Something out of nothin'
You're sayin' everything's okay.
You've always got an answer
Before I ask the question.
Whatever you say.

Now we can change the subject
Pretend I never brought it up,
Same old story anyway.
Later we can work it out
Right now you're talked out.
Yeah,whatever you say.

Oh I know you can hear me
But I'm not sure you're listening
I hear what you're sayin'
But still there's something missin'.
Whether I go,whether I stay
Right now depends on
Whatever you say.

You say yes you need me
And no you wouldn't leave me
And that should be enough to make me stay.
And even though I want to
I don't hear I love you
In whatever you say.


Oh whether I go,whether I stay
Right now depends on
Whatever you say.
Whatever you say.
Whatever you say.

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