Marvelous 3 - Cigarette Lighter Love Song Lyrics

Artist: Marvelous 3 Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on ReadySexGo!
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I know you're not asleep
I can feel you moving over there
You've been playing with the seam
In your worn out underwear

My lips are raw as hell
From biting on them just to stay awake
It's not like I'm gonna need them
You won't be around
To see them bleed and break

All... all that I do
Comes back to you
So I'll just think about you til there's nothing new in my head
All... all I can do
Is try not to screw this up again
And just be friends
I'd rather be dead

I drove out of East Atlanta
With a headache the size of my car
I called to say that I was okay
'Cause i know how you are

I'm like a movie without an ending
You know I've got nowhere to go
And it makes me want to throw up
To see you want to give up
More than you'll ever know


Everything's supposed to have a happy ending
But the record keeps spinning and the needle keeps bending
Like the road I'm driving to the bridge that has no end
I want to take back everything that I've broken

But the bridges behind me are burning and smoking
I guess this is the end


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