Marvelous 3 - Every Monday Lyrics

Writer(s) : Walker, Butch
Artist: Marvelous 3 Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Hey! Album (Elektra version)
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I was checked in by four
Put the sign on the door
Looked out the window of the seventeenth floor
Talked to the city that knows me by name
And all the bad things that I do

I shed five bitter tears
Into five bitter beers
Looked at my watch and asked
"Where have the years gone?
I'm wasting away like a castle of clay
And slowly crumbling into"

Every Monday
I get this pain
Every Wednesday
It hits my brain
Every Friday I die
'cause everyday
I still
Think of you

I was ****ed up by five
Talkin' nothin' but jive
Told the bartender he'd never take me alive
All of this because my favorite show
Was canceled last night on TV

So I called up Marie
She'd have sex for free
But for ten bucks an hour she'd listen to me
Talk about rock stars & models on dope
And how I can't cope with this scene


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