Marvelous 3 I'm Losing You Lyrics

Artist: Marvelous 3
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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Length: 3:18

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She was a Solid Gold dancer back in '81
Snortin' whiskey, drinkin' coke and havin' lots of fun
He liked to take her to the parties, but she'd leave alone
It's hard to cover up the smell of sex with bad cologne

And I-I-I'm losing you (can't get through)
Don't walk away this time now
And I-I-I'm losing you (what'cha gonna do?)
Don't walk away this time now

What'cha gonna do?

Cheerleader captain, quarterbackin', drinkin' lots of beer
Rah-rah-rahin', sis-boom-bahin' all the way to state this year
They took their turns, you felt the burns and still you never know
Passed out and woke up in locker room without your clothes


Try to wash away the pain
But all the soap in the world won't get you clean
Cry quickly turns to a scream
As you run down the hall with no end or beginning