Marvelous 3 - This Time Lyrics

Writer(s) : Walker, Butch
Artist: Marvelous 3 Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on ReadySexGo!
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I was sticking to the sofa
When I saw you on the tube
A week of going solo
Now my heart is feeling so low
So I'm overdue

Got an ******* for a roommate
He drank up all my booze
Spent his Fridays at the gym
And thoughts of me evicting him
Never came true

But I still think of you and how

This time could be the last time
I get to hear you say
All that you want to say
This line could be the last line
I'm gonna use on you
Just to get into you now

In my red and dirty sweatpants
I watch you up above my bed
I'm taken by your slutty grace
And if they stole your paper face
You know I think I'd rather be dead

I'm ****ed up in the head and now


Somehow something somewhere in me told me to lie about
All the sparks I thought I saw on the fourth Of July
All because I want you to want me
Need you to need me
Love you to love me yeah


Just to get into now [Repeat x4]

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