Marvelous 3 - Write It on Your Hand Lyrics

Writer(s) : Walker, Butch
Artist: Marvelous 3 Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Hey! Album (Elektra version)
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Don't ask me
I just crawled in here on my hands & knees
I can't see
From the fog on my glasses & sweating to death from the heat
It's alright
I've been **** on before, I've had other doors slammed in my face

But's it's cool
I'll just go back to school
And learn how to lie to you better

Let me write it on your hand
So you won't forget
Forget just what you had
Go and write it on your hand

13 rings
And I picked up my cell phone and you gave me hell for awhile
About stupid things
Like hanging out with that guy, and why the hell does he always smile?
It's alright
'cause my phone's out of range, ain't it funny and strange

How you're fadin' away
I can't hear what you say
I guess you can write me a letter


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