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Album: Track 9 on The Sound
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"God made dirt and dirt don't hurt!"

Funny thing about a garden
Beauty lives within its gates
Bugs and thorns and weeds, they grow there
But they all help to create
Vivid color variations
Sweet aromas and sensations
Realize under it all, something not so beautiful
But we all

Need a little bit
(I) Need a little bit
Need a little bit of dirt to grow
We need a little bit
(I) Need a little bit
Need a little rain to wash our souls
We need a little bit
(I) need a little dirt to grow.

Life at times can make you weak.
And I have cried myself to sleep
Cause reality makes you cry
But the truth will dry your eyes
Things they just can't stay the same
When you work hard and you pray
Yeah it may be kind of rough now
But the point I'm trying to make is that we


Oh sometimes you may sing for yourself
You struggle hard just to prevail
its the lesson you need to learn
its the way you've got to earn
Champions never accept defeat
They fall and get back on their feet
Cause they know (they know)
Like I know (I know)
That if you want to grow we

[Chorus: x2]

Need a little dirt to grow
(It will make you better)
Need a little dirt to grow
(It will make you stronger)
Need a little dirt to grow
(Oh we need it, ah)
Need a little dirt to grow

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