Mason Jennings - Crown Lyrics

Artist: Mason Jennings Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Use Your Voice
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I took the train up from Illinois I was followin' threw on a letter you sent
always feared that you'd be true, true to yourself to the better end.
Just kinda happened, or so she said, she was drinkin and lonely and you know the rest.
And he meant nothing, he was havin a stand he said she loves me still and was a second chance

I don't want to be together, I don't want to be apart,
I don't want of this love for ya honey deep deep down in my heart.

Where's my golden crown that you took and passed around,
There's no telling what a man might do with a life like this when it all falls threw


You were my dream come true, can't you see what you put me threw?
The love that tears me apart still beats deep deep down in my heart, deep deep down in my heart

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