Mason Jennings - Drinking as Religion Lyrics

Artist: Mason Jennings Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Use Your Voice
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After all this useless fighting, after all our schemes
We could sense a final battle and started picking teams
Due to lack of good direction, I fell in with thieves
And took to drinking as religion and landed on my knees

Truth that starts as understanding finds you in the night
The circles all around the ceiling, a frightened bird in flight
After spending hours beneath it, everything comes clear
Truth will pose no danger to you, what haunts you both is fear

Somewhere in our ever after telephones still ring
Somewhere in our future journals, love still means something
I have learned a mighty lesson from this change of plans
Loss is brutal, I can't stand it, I wonder how you can

And all the while there's dogs barking
Streets are talking out my window
Out the light and the snow is flaking, hearts are breaking
Words are making a mess out of these thoughts I'm thinking
Boats keep sinking, it's drown or keep drinking

And if this darkness came from light
Then light can come from darkness, I guess
If this darkness came from light
Then light can come from darkness, I guess

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