Act a Fool Lyrics

Master P

publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC, Roba Music
writers: Christopher Brian Bridges, Keith Mc Masters
album: Track 17 in album Good Side/Bad Side
release date: 2004-3-23
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Cover Art

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Yeah nega I'm going rep this **********ing No Limit to I D.I.E
Check this out *****
I could gave a **** what a ***** gotta say about me
I could gave a **** what the media gotta say about me
***** I ain't got no **********ing english
I'm from the hood
And you know what?
If a ************ come at me they better come right (you heeeard me?)

[Chorus x 16]

Don't make me act a fool (what!)

[Verse 1]
Still posted on the block
Still slangin that coke
Still runnin from the cops
Still lettin those *****es know
Still ****in with your made
Beause blowin that ganja
Uptown New Orleans is where them thugs gonna find me
Rolling with those head bustas
My *****z spliting wigs
A couple ****ing g's ***** it can get did
Straight from the hood
And I represent the street
Send money to the pen
Still ****ing with see (okay!)
R.I.P. to the *****z in the **********ing dirt
When I look into their momma's eyes I still see the hurt
What a ***** supposed to do when his boy get shot?
Put the bullets in the can and let that ************ pop

[Chorus x 16]

[Verse 3]
Thug girls, I put my name on them
Me and Jon's like the Lakers
Going for three rings in the game on them
We ain't done til it's a dun-dadda
And I got my own lable so **** Gucci and Prada *****
I'm underated like Sam Cassell
But when the playoffs come ***** I'm gunna be there
Can't fall off because a ***** ain't average
**** the I.R.S. a ***** still got cabbage
Know how to play the game because the ***** is a baller
Lil Jon with the beat (jeah!) and now them hoes want to call ya
I ain't Michael Jackson the P won't quit
I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6

[Chorus x 16]

[Verse 4]
I still walk through the hood by **********ing myself
And if I have some beef ***** I don't need know help
A nega ain't Puffy and a ***** ain't Ma$e
So give me 50-feet before I catch a ****in case, *****
We ain't going to the Grammys
Find us on the block posted up slangin **********ing wammies
Still thuged out with the white tees ****-a-***** who don't like me
I got nine biscuits for the dog that try to bite me
I'm still rowdy
***** I'm still bouty
Still got them bouncing in the clubs
And the hoes still talk about me
Ten years later ***** I'm still in the game
y'all thought after 400$ mill a ***** would change?

[Chorus x 16]

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