Master P Heaven For A Gangsta Lyrics

Artist: Master P
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[Verse 1: Master P]
Is there a heaven for a gangsta?
My nigga dead, he didn't make the team, could've been the next ML King
Young niggas rolling with them triple beams, coming from the 'lean
But why a nigga spilling dreams, little homies dying over Twitter beefs
Black president, nigga shit concealed P
It's a dirty game when you got cash, bitches don't holler when a nigga on the dash
I really know them muthafuckas wanted me
And now the worlds got a Chief Keef, he's just a lil nigga tryin' eat
I remember bitch, 99'
It's the 21st century, I'm still getting mine
Lil niggas pay attention and all my real niggas know that I miss em'

[Hook: x4]
Is there heaven for a gangsta, gangsta, gangsta

[Verse 2: Game]
Let my niggas see out
Hotbox the 7 'till the smoke start to seep out
Got on chains like a slave in the deep south
Could've been Michael Jordan but I took the Master P route
Had to take the street route, niggas know what we 'bout
Hard to snitch when the Glock knock your fucking teeth out
And I just voted for Obama nigga, but I'll still shoot you in front your momma, nigga
Word to Michelle, got stripes like gazelles
Pour hot sauce on the devil's food, strike him at your hell
Skipped that [?] just to take that scale
My favorite shrimp would drive a Maybach, I tipped that whale
Fish jelly in a Phantom with a chick that's pale
White America's nightmare; a rich black male
Used to work at Footlocker, had to use my brothers piss
I got the job but he got hit with the fifth

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