Master P War Wounds Lyrics

Artist: Master P
Publishers: ©Ultra Tunes
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Length: 4:22

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Every soldier got a story to tell

I done been through it all
Don't ask the way I shoot 'cause I done shot (uggh)
Put a tank on my block
Fiend gone get the scene hot

Greens and rocks
Burnin' flesh
Have you ever smelled *****?
Been tapped up, ready to die from mail *****s

Straight goin' to hell
But livin' the dirty, dirty
Havin' yah mama worry
That (?)

Tired of being blast at, but didn't cast that
I done asked for my life, and right there was laughed at
But when I backtracked, (?)
Blast back

Told 'em to cast that, take these rounds and add that
But fact is you don't ****in' choose yo' wars
Or be like me mutha****a and do it with two guns

[Chorus: x3]

Check my war wounds (uggggh)
My war wounds (ugggh)
Every soldier got a story to tell

My adversary's get popped
Got me runnin' from cops
The ghetto life be a dime
Got me carryin' two glocks

My enemies is bad
Chop limes of grass
Drive-bys and rags
And representin' red and blue flags

See I got fools from the ghetto
Like my cousin' Jimmy wear permanent metals
My evidence is satus with hoes
Bloody Polos

Pullin' in car do's
And cut up Jabos

[Chorus: x2]

I'm down the blast for my homies
And cash for my homies
Even if I'm old G I'll be down to ride and die
If the hood call me

That's why I be hustin' every day
Could you imagine me with no stash?
Like a bank with no cash
Tryin' drive a car with no gas

And **** one day with no tag?
Shotgun with no class
Window with no glass
Or all you girls with no ***

See I'm a risky rider
Caliope crawler
A Down South Hustla
Plus a head buster from New Orleans

See I gotta be a paid *****
A made *****
Be the ***** to bust yo' ****
And the ***** the be the grave digga

See my tattoos reveal some of the **** I done did
But the move of other *****s that bout it
Feel the **** I do just tah live
See I been scared, popped at, and shot at

But I live an eye for eye
So the enemies I ain't forgot that

[Chorus: x2]

It's real, ****'s real check my war wounds
This here real life, ain't no ****in' cartoons
I'm the Saudi Arabian death killin' veteran on the tube
Either me or you right here

Come back and hang out in my room
I done shot my rifle, trained to kill
Got blood on my fatiques
Once you in ain't no turnin' back

Lay yo' *** over seas
Might as well handle your business
There's no overcome to this ****
Be on yo' Ps and Qs *****

Don't cry like no *****
You see a weak *****, that's a beat *****
And **** a stead *****, that's a dead *****
Tell my mama not to worry bout me why I'm gone

If I die *****, box me up and ship me back home
Bury me in the N.O. with my stripes on my chest
Tell them mutha****as that I did my best
Middle finga pointin' sayin' **** Iraq
If you don't believe me check my combat pack

[Chorus: x3]

I got a **********in' story to tell
*****, ***** what?
A **********in' story to tell (What?)
Fool, I got a mutha****in' story the tell

And every ***** in the jail cell knows it well
I shank *****s, bank *****s
Do mo' for show
Seven cluckas, fake dough

Stayin' way cut throat
I hang out, slang out, at hotel rooms
Up all night gettin' in gun fights
I strike my head on the wall

Seven Eight ward
Eastside, rollin' dubs
Call me big Snoop Dogg
Follow me, and you'll see how Gs move

It's written on my face
I takes my war wounds
Been around drama since me and my mama
Use to listen to oldies

That's why I'm so old G
Look, when half of you *****s couldn't come outside
When y'all was learnin' how the sing
I was learnin' how the bang and ride

For sure bro, I told you
I'm a gangsta soul ja, blowin' doja
What a story tah tell...
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