Math the Band Haircuts and New Shoes for Everyone Lyrics

Artist: Math the Band
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No one needs our hands drawn on them. No one left; yeah, we all saw them. We all saw them, saw them off and we don't need no bag of tricks and we don't need no breakfast Kix and we don't need a phone, we can yell real loud. We don't need expensive shoes and we don't need no one to chose our haircuts for us except for our dads. I don't have a shoeless. Tie together all of my discarded feathers baby. I don't like to swim out of the ocean floor without my suntan lotion. Maybe have another glimpse out of inside of something circular just like the weather. I am just a reflection of 18 mirrors outer space and fake cat clovers. Things are things, people are people, here's the church and here is the steeple. I'm wearing black I'm wearing colors I love colors I love numbers. Alphabet.