Locomotivation Lyrics

Math the Band

album: Track 14 in album Imaginary Everything
release date: 2005
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length: 2:06
Singing to a song. You know that it's embarrassing to sing real loud, and I don't know what I am singing about. All of the colors, reflective windows. Tell me again, just how does it go? Na na na na na na? La la la la la la? Now everybody wants to know what I am singing about. Is it a dream? Or a story? Or a fish like a trout? Man you gotta take a look at what I'm trying to say. My pants are on fire so get out of the way. I made myself a snowball perfect as could be, thought I'd keep it as a pet and let it sleep with me. Some pajamas and a pillow for its little head. But when I woke up it was gone and it had wet the bed.

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