Matt White - I'll Be There Lyrics

Writer(s) : White, John Paul / Nichols, Gary
Artist: Matt White Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Best Days
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Just take my hand
Please don't look away
It feels like your tearing me to pieces
How much I wish you'd stay

I want to taste the salt from your sweet lips
Leave behind this lonely place
Cause your tomorrow wasn't how I planned it
Will it ever be the same?

Don't go chasing dreams that you can't follow
Because I'll be there
I'll swear you'll be home this time tomorrow
Knowing I'll be there
Cause I'll be there

My head is filled with memories
Of all that we've been through
Now I realize the emptiest of spaces
I couldn't wait for you


Cause I'll be there


Will you walk away?
Will you walk away?
Will you walk away and feel the same?
Feel the same
Will you feel the same?
Because I'll be there
Because I'll be there
Cause I'll be there

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