Matt White - Wait for Love Lyrics

Writer(s) : White, Matt
Artist: Matt White Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Best Days
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It's like a quarter to three and I just can't sleep
'Cause I'm thinking of you
And all those times we cried
Did we really try?
Now I'm dreaming in blue

No matter where we say goodbye
I tell you baby
Keep your head high

I'll wait for love
I'll wait for you
I'll wait for love
I'll wait, will you?
When times are hard, I'll think of you
I'll wait for love
I'll wait for love

And looking in my eyes
We're both telling lies
Asking too much of you
And when you kiss my lips
That is what i miss
Not knowing we be through

No matter when we say goodbye
I tell you darling
I won't cry


Your eyes still gaze at me through pictures
You could just be the one that got away
I look down at the phone
It's your number
Too many times a day


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