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Artist: Maxi Priest Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Bonafide
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You say you're hurting oh cos
They say I'm flirting oh no
You just can't take it anymore
Your friends say I'm no good for you
But in my heart I'm so true
A partner for life we can be sure
You've asked me for some time to clear you mind
I stayed away it hurt so much
Without your touch
Now I'm back and you say

Just a little bit longer baby
'Cause my love keeps growing stronger
A little more time to say
But in my head a love song plays
For you and me

We played in the rain together
That feeling lives on forever
Memories that bring tears of joy
We've had our share of bad times too
Hurting each other me and you
It's brought us much closer in the end
Just too much we've both fought for
To put it all down the drain
I've stayed away just for a while
But now you're driving me insane


I said all there is to say now
Hoping that you'll make me stay
Believe me I'm yearning for you girl
Hope there's a place in your heart
That remembers the good from the start
Just put me back where I belong
You asked me for some time to clear your mind
I stayed away it hurt so much
Without your touch now I'm back and you say


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