Mayday Parade - Anywhere but Here Lyrics

Writer(s) : Hodges, David / Sanders, Derek / Bundrick, Christopher
Artist: Mayday Parade Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Anywhere but Here
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Tonight is the one thing left
And I haven't said it yet, I'm falling
And the writings on the wall

Today was misery
And I just can't believe this happened
And I finally broke down (finally broke down)
She held onto my heart
But now my only star is falling
And it's burning to the ground

Now I'm crying out

Secret love, my escape
Take me far, far away
Secret love, are you there
Will you answer my prayer
Please take me anywhere but here
Anywhere but here

You're all I've got right now
No one else figures out this feeling
And how lonely it can get (how lonely it can get)
These words can cut right through
'Cause all along I knew you're sorry
But you haven't said it yet

But I won't forget


When we're together
Thoughts of her disappear
If I fell to pieces
You'd heal this pain I feel

Secret love, my escape
Take me far far away
Secret love, are you there
Will you answer my prayer


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