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Artist: MC Frontalot Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Nerdcore Rising
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The beam bridge, seeming to be the ridge spanner all manner of planks gets employed under the banner of progress, 85 yards the max nobody plummets to the bottom of ravines intact and so the truss bridge must be seen as an improvement, cantilever even receiving the translucent inducement to get wrecked (high-tech) and watch the Firth of Forth fall in the drink, one should expect and so you step with the arch bridge, point to every zenith say that gravity's smart, you settle stones just like a genius but I seen this tumble like crumbs from cookie's lips the aquaducts no longer seem to irrigate worth spit the suspension bridge could go like seven thousand feet but it's seven plus one from here to where I wanna be so I free up the styrofoam peanuts that i been packing if I'm lacking in boats it's cause I'm fearful of the kraken now I'm stacking little floaters and I'm banding them together, I could travel in this manner over water to wherever if the bonds hold tight let's take a hike to honolu then you'll be
whistling the praises of the float-bridge too

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