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Album: Track 8 on Nerdcore Rising
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I hit the L shift-O to the quote and then dollar If you know the dir of the nerdcore rhyme, you holla nerd-ho! warm the mic up (yo) we ‘bout to strike up this band of nebbishes who cultivate nebulous fetishes the FPS, RPG or MMPOG, any obsession to blather over by blog or BBS. Step and possess, hone thy geekishness your frame rate and frags to date both impress and yes, your affinity for a certain site of some amusement (a classically adorned parlor of fun where you let loose pent- up cent pieces to partake of flicker-dramas) gets you branded a sniper bitch or rocket mama- humper, (oh no!) they said you're cheating but with coins in hand you got more game than wil wheaton when's this MC ‘bout to get funny? I'm losing patience. wanna know how the pants contain one wang & two next stations and a tandy hole, where he plays whack-a-mole with the toilet paper frontalot can rock the PA song at the lowest common denominator not as a hater of culture or lacker in class but an expert at math accounting how the
Penny Arcade 0//nZz j00r aZz. (that is the way we play...)

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